Microalgae culture media, with classic or optimized formulas

We offer optimized or classic formulas, both in solid and liquid format with full preparation instructions which are ready to use.

GoldMedium (GM)
Suitable for the culture of:
Tetraselmis sp., Isochrysis sp., Monochrysis (Pavlova) sp., Nannochloropsis sp.


DiatoMedium (DM) 
Suitable for the culture of:
Chaetoceros sp., Skeletonema sp., Thalassiossira sp., Nitzschia sp., Amphora sp., Cylindrotheca sp., Phaeodactlylum sp.


GoldMedium Fresh-Water Species (GM-FWS)
Suitable for the culture of:
Chlorella sp., Scenedesmus sp., Haematococcus sp., Dunaliella sp.


Classic culture media f/2, ALGAL and Walne