We design and manufacture high yield photobioreactors to operate both outdoors and indoors.

  • High productivity in controlled conditions, stable nutritional composition of microalgae biomass.
  • Automatic control of the main variables to ensure optimal production (pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.)
  • Suitable for growing a great number of species, such as Isochrysis T-ISO, Chaetoceros sp., Pavlova sp., Nannochloropsis sp., Rhodomonas sp., Thalassiossira sp., Nitzschia sp., Chlorella sp.
  • Easy to use and to clean with self cleaning system.
  • Lab scale volumes to mass cultivation volumes.

Suitable for

  • Mollusc, fish and crustacean hatcheries.
  • Production of both flagelate and diatoms microalgae for mollusc, fish and crustacean hatcheries.
  • Scale up of cultures in industrial plants.