Aqualgae will present its innovations in the AgroBiotech Innovación meeting, in the Tecnópole (Ourense)

The following 26 and 27 of the current week, it will be available in the Galician technological park a space for the networking and the spread of the product portfolio of the Galician companies that are linked to the biotechnological, agribusiness and biomass sectors.


Fifteen companies have been the chosen ones for the AgroBiotech meeting, which will perform this year its first edition. As a training for it, the program “Programa Centro de Excelencia”, whose aim is promoting growth and sustainable development of the innovative Galician SMEs, has offered a range of educational workshops, which Aqualgae has attended. The programme is aimed at increasing the involved companies’ innovative potential, boosting the development of new projects and innovative services, the establishment of relationships with new partners, and also to ease the information transfer and access between companies.

Important institutions such as PTG, CETAL, CIS MADEIRA, IGAPE, XESGALICIA, BIOGA and ASEBIO collaborate on the meeting. It will be the perfect opportunity to know a bit more about the daily innovations in these sectors; therefore, Aqualgae invites you to come near the Tecnópole the following days, in order to discover all the possibilities that our company or others can offer to you.


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