Aqualgae will attend The Algae Europe Conference 2015

The conference, which is organised by EABA, the European Commission and DLG BENELUX, will take place 1-3 December in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be a unique opportunity for the exchange between academia and industry, and also a chance for the networking in an environment that will allow to discuss the evolution of the Algae Biomass sector worldwide and understand the role of the main European Players.

Algae are the new crop for the future. They contain proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other elements that can be used as ingredients for a large range of sectors from food & feed to nutraceutical & cosmeceuticals to biofuels. The valorization of added-value products from algae is setting the conditions for the development of small or niche markets, which eventually can grow to larger scale.

AlgaeEurope-2015-LisbonCurrently, there are in Europe several projects, from lab scale to demonstration plants and commercial facilities, aiming to accelerate the commercialization of algal products. The long path from research to pilot plants and production facilities will be shown in several presentations including some of the most relevant projects financed by the EC.

Aqualgae believes that this conference will be useful in order to learn and understand the bottlenecks of algae production and commercialization, and also to interact with the key players. Besides, all the participants will be up-dated on the recent industrial developments in the field with an overview of European initiatives.