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Plan | Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR)

Plan | Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) Structuring dimension | RE. Resilience Support | C05. Capitalization and Business Innovation Investment Designation | RE-C05-i01.01 – Mobilizing Agendas/Alliances for Business Innovation Consortium Leader | Inovamar, Lda. Agenda Description | Defending a new sustainable, innovative and decarbonizing paradigm, which finds in the sea a response to the challenge of […]

Aqualgae will attend the Ainia Innovation Meetings

Ainia is an institute dedicated to research, technological development, production quality and competiveness through some services, online training and projects, which will offer on the 19th of April the Innovation Meetings: the utilization of waste water thanks to the culture and use of microalgae. Companies which attend these meetings could know the microalgae current situation […]

Aqualgae develops a monitoring and water integral management system in the plant of the multinational Azura

Despite what you might think, two tomatoes of the same variety, with the same qualities, the same colour and taste, can be very different. One of them could have been grown under conditions far away from the ones proposed by the ILO regulations (International Labour Organization), affecting the environment, while the other one could have […]

The most expensive seafood in the world, fed by microalgae

The abalone, or sea ear, is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, and one of the biggest productions in Europe is located in Muros (Galicia, Spain), in the Galician Marine Aquaculture (GMA) plant, focused on the development and culture of new saltwater high-end species destined for international markets. We are talking about […]

Research of the microalgae production plants layout

In the design process of a microalgae production plant, there are several parameters to take into account, of which control has a final aim the production optimization. Parameters such as the pH and CO2 level, the temperature or the lighting have traditionally been prioritized in most installations. However, in the case of outdoor plants with […]