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Aqualgae will attend The Algae Europe Conference 2015

The conference, which is organised by EABA, the European Commission and DLG BENELUX, will take place 1-3 December in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be a unique opportunity for the exchange between academia and industry, and also a chance for the networking in an environment that will allow to discuss the evolution of the Algae Biomass […]

Aqualgae will present its innovations in the AgroBiotech Innovación meeting, in the Tecnópole (Ourense)

The following 26 and 27 of the current week, it will be available in the Galician technological park a space for the networking and the spread of the product portfolio of the Galician companies that are linked to the biotechnological, agribusiness and biomass sectors. Fifteen companies have been the chosen ones for the AgroBiotech meeting, which […]

Microalgae as a food source

There is a directly proportional relationship between the demand for plant protein and the reduction of meat consumption. That is something normal and expected if we take into account some recent news about that issue, for example the last WHO (World Health Organisation) report, in which they link the consumption of processed meat and colorectal […]