Aqualgae will attend the Ainia Innovation Meetings

Ainia is an institute dedicated to research, technological development, production quality and competiveness through some services, online training and projects, which will offer on the 19th of April the Innovation Meetings: the utilization of waste water thanks to the culture and use of microalgae.

Companies which attend these meetings could know the microalgae current situation and its potential regarding these kinds of applications, as well as identifying opportunities in order to develop waste or running water utilization projects. It is best suited for agricultural, livestock, agro-food enterprises, water sector, biomass or bioenergy sector, biotechnology companies interested in environmental applications and managerial, associations and others similar to these ones.


The using of microalgae for the utilization of waste water flow supposes and alternative method to the traditional ones. Microalgae, individually speaking, or in a group with other microorganisms, set up a promising alternative for the treatment of waste water generated by agricultural and livestock farming (slurry), agro-food industry or sewage treatment plant.

The nutrients recovery such as the nitrogen or the phosphorus, absorbed by the microalgae for its own grown, eases and efficient use of these nutrients, much more sustainable. On the other hand, the microalgae biomass that is obtained, rich in protein, becomes quite valuable for its transformation in biofertilizers or animal feeding. Nowadays, there are several researchs to develop this potential, lots of innovations by Ainia as well as other R&D centres or companies, both in Spain and abroad, which will be show to the participants at these meetings.

In the schedule of these meetings, many practical examples will be explained, such as the GreenUpGas Project, Upgrading from biogas to biomethane with microalgae and hydrogenotrophic bacteria, to what Aqualgae has taken part. Other practical examples will be “Sewage waste water treatment plant” imparted by AQUALIA FCC, “Agro-industrial biogas plants slurries”, by the University of Almería and Ainia, or the “Biofertilizers obtaining using microalgae”, by Biorizon. Besides, Aqualgae will explain a practical example about the microalgae using in aquaculture.