Aqualgae will launch in 2016 its new photobioreactor concept, designed for labs.

Nowadays, there are several photobioreactors models in the market, but only few of them are designed for all kinds of microalgae (marine and fresh water). In Aqualgae, we know how vital and necessary the progress of science in the world is; consequently, we have thought about a new photobioreactor concept, which reduces the maintenance tasks time of the users, so that they can dedicate their time to what really matters: research.


The new model brings a coherent design according to the rest of the workplace equipment. Besides, the comfort of the user is one of our main goals; it is because if that that we use ergonomic, intuitive and high quality controls. It is a compact equipment, easy to clean, to mount, and to disassemble. The equipment, which consists of four columns with 25L each, is protected from the outside, so that it guarantees controlled culture conditions, such as temperature, lighting and contamination from the outside.


In Aqualgae we believe that the clue is not to adapt the equipment that already exists in the market to a lab, but thought about something specific for them, because the results of their researchings will bring benefits to the society. Therefore, one of the most important characteristics is the Interchangeable Lighting System; with an easy movement, we can switch the kind of light, ranging from LED tubes to panel, or choosing different spectra and intensities.

Lab Model 2016-lanzamiento

It does not matter the researching topic, the new Lab Model 2016 has several possibilities, such as the automatic and programmable harvest, or the pH, photoperiod and temperature (PID technology) automatically controlled, or other optional ones, such as peristaltic pumps, other sensors like O2, nitrates, optical density, etc., that will make the research process an easier one.


Aqualgae invites you to discover all the possibilities that offers this new concept of doing research, thought for you.