Aqualgae develops a monitoring and water integral management system in the plant of the multinational Azura

Despite what you might think, two tomatoes of the same variety, with the same qualities, the same colour and taste, can be very different. One of them could have been grown under conditions far away from the ones proposed by the ILO regulations (International Labour Organization), affecting the environment, while the other one could have follow these regulations, being environmentally friendly and caring of the people’s health.


The familiar group Azura, specialized in the fruit and vegetables sector, has become in one of the major private tomato producers in the world with 8000 employees, 68 farms, and nearly 900 culture hectares.

The group strategy is based on the respect for the environment, the commitment with a social focus to the food security and companies’ insertion: the production, the packing, the logistics and the commercialization. Azura is demanding for product and production quality conditions, as a part of the continuous improvement process linked to the client and final customer satisfaction.

The multinational has also decided to invest in aquaculture, and for that they have trusted Aqualgae since the beginning of the process. In the first stage, Aqualgae has been the company which has managed all the phytoplankton production systems in their bivalves’ hatchery with a high monitoring degree.

Azura knows the importance of having a high quality saltwater supply. Because of that, and thanks to the first stage success, the group has entrusted Aqualgae the complete control and water integral management in their plant, ensuring that the pumping system and fluid supply is reliable enough to ensure a continuous and efficient supply.

On the one hand, the plant has been monitored, in order to make all the system works, achieving the tanks filling according to the level of themselves, and on the other hand, a supervision system where they can control all the parameters which control the production.

Azura achieves that way a complete control of all its production process, which means a client’s ally, and a respect for the environment warranty.