GreenUpGas project, the first upgrading technology based on a 100% biological treatment

Developing the GreenUpGas technology will be the main objective of this project, which consists on the agro-industrial biogas refinement biological process for the obtaining of biomethane available for the injection in gas nets or its use as a biofuel in vehicles.

It will be a collaborative project between several companies, led by the international leader in the agro-industrial and bioenergy sector Estrella de Levante. Aqualgae participates in it as a company specialized in photobioreactors design and manufacture for microalgae production, as well as the University of Almería with the issues linked to microalgae. Other participant enterprises are Bionet, specialized in bioreactors design and manufacture, and downstream processes and Enevia, which belongs to the renewable energies sector, specialized in solar and small wind power energy.

As an innovative company, Aqualgae supports this project, which will achieve the first upgrading technology based on a 100% biological treatment. It will have several advantages over conventional upgrading technologies: an investment and operation lower cost, adjustment to different initial agro-industrial biogas compositions, modularity in order to adjust the plant design to the biomethane quantity to be obtained, less environmental impact because of its minimum energy and water consumption, between others. Besides, it will ease the use of biomethane in agro-industrial environments for the injection of gas nets or micro-grids, and its use in vehicles and agricultural and agro-industrial pumps.

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The project “GreenUpGas – Desarrollo de una tecnología de upgrading biológico para la producción de biometano en entornos agroindustriales”, has been funded by the CDTI, and supported by the Economy and Competitiveness Minister, within the FEDER Innterconecta Programme in the 2015 call.