Automation, monitoring and control of aquaculture units

The monitoring and control platforms allow visualization and control of process variables, providing greater security in their execution. We define control strategies and help optimize processes, providing more security and consistent quality, minimizing variations and reducing costs. We know that real-time information on processes is of the most important things in a business.


  • Requirements design and implementation of automation, monitoring and control systems
  • Intuitive graphic platforms of the production process for different variables’ control
  • Supply and installation of analytical instrumentation (pH, temperature, redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity etc.) and integration of collected data with other systems
  • Critical Equipment Control
    • motors, blowers, UV equipment, ozone and integration of variables (pH, temperature, turbidity, redox, dissolved oxygen, pipe pressures, etc.) on cloud platforms (Cloud)

    • Remote control

    • Alarm notification and tracking

      • Microalgae or bivalves production plants installation and automation, including nutrients preparation, production and biomass processing.
      • Process and all of its variables optimization (energy, lighting, fluids and heat)
      • Aquaculture water plants management.